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Algorithmic trading + Top 10 GBPUSD Forex Expert Advisors.

Started by PocketOption, Apr 24, 2020, 07:55 am

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You should have a PC/laptop with а stable internet connection You will be taught to follow the performance in the account and choose your best Forex robots No previous experience in trading is needed for this Forex Algorithmic trading course No programming skills are required to use these Expert Advisors.
Algorithmic trading would be much easier if you are using tested Expert Advisors, wouldn't it?
This online trading course will teach you how to trade with Expert Advisors on the Forex market, and spend 10-15 min per week following the results. This is the real algorithmic trading!
Hello! My name is Petko Aleksandrov, and I am the Head trader at EA Forex Academy, where we teach Forex Algorithmic trading. During the last year, I have had more than 10 000 students joining my Forex algorithmic trading courses, and that makes me extremely happy.
Because of that, I have decided to launch a sweet and short course with 10 Expert Advisors included , and I will teach you how to find your best Forex Robot among them.
While there are plenty of Forex courses that will teach you theory and theory, it's hard to find a practical course like this one, where you will receive ready Robots for trading.
What will you learn in this Forex Algorithmic trading course?
You will get used with the Meta Trader platform, which is the only trusted Forex Algorithmic trading platform.
How to export correctly the Historical data from your broker, and how to use it (Script is included in the course)
How to create an unlimited number of strategies fully automatically using the Historical data.
The process of filtering the strategies and selecting which ones to use for trading.
You will learn how to place my Top 10 Expert Advisors over the trading platform.
How to follow the performance of the Expert Advisors, and how to separate the most profitable in a separate account.
No prior knowledge of trading is required - this Forex Algorithmic trading course is geared for absolute beginners.
Also, the course is for everybody who does not achieve satisfying results in trading. Many people are trading for years, and they can not find their profitable strategy. It this course, you will learn how to create 100s of strategies and how to select the top Expert Advisors.
As a currency, I have chosen the GBPUSD, since this is one of the most stable currency pairs with a low spread, which makes it suitable for Forex algorithmic trading. It is fundamentally important when trading with Expert Advisors to use currencies with a small spread. This way we increase our profits.


I will provide the 10 Expert Advisors ready for trading , and more, I will update them whenever it is needed. This way, you will have Expert Advisors that are always suitable for the current market conditions.
All you need to do is follow their performance and choose the best Forex robot for yourself. I have used EA Studio, a professional strategy builder. You will see the complete process I went through(If you want to use the strategy builder for yourself, you can sign up for a free trial version and practice Forex algorithmic trading).
Anyway, you do not need to use it, because I will include my trading robots in the course. In the end, I will show you the performance of the Expert Advisors - 1147 pips in 5 days.
It is essential to have precise statistics when you are trading with Expert Advisors. This way, every trader is capable of finding the top performers for a predefined period.
When we do Forex algorithmic trading, we follow a simple idea. We trade many Expert Advisors in one trading account. We follow their performance, and we place the Top Robots in a separate account. This way, we always trade the Expert Advisors that are profiting on the current market conditions. If any of the Expert Advisors starts losing, we replace it with another one that we have already tested.
It is a common mistake that traders buy Expert Advisors, and they say "It stopped working".
It did not; the market only changed. That is why you need to have many Expert Advisors on a Demo trading account, and the ones that are currently profiting in a separate live account. This way, we use the best Expert Advisors for the current market conditions, we diversify the risk on many Expert Advisors, and we do not rely on a single one. That is the only profitable Forex algorithmic trading method.
Who is the instructor?
I am Petko Aleksandrov, founder of EA Forex Academy. I have specialised in Forex Algorithmic trading, as this is the easiest way to trade on the Forex market - no stress, no emotions . I focus on creating many Expert Advisors, testing them, and selecting which ones to use. This is precisely what I will share with you in this course.
Algorithmic trading is the better choice for me, for one more reason: we do not need to stay in front of the trading screen, draw lines, and make analysis, watch Fundamental news and predictions, etc.
We place the Expert Advisors, and they trade.
Let me know if you have any questions. I always answer within 12 hours to my students. It is fundamentally important to have excellent communication, so this way, I make sure that everything is clear to everyone.
If you decide that this Forex Algorithmic trading system is not suitable for your trading style, you can always use the 30-day money-back guarantee.
Enrol now, and I will help you to make your trading easier!