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Algorithmic day trading – Top 10 USDJPY Expert Advisors.

Started by PocketOption, Apr 24, 2020, 10:52 am

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Algorithmic day trading - Top 10 USDJPY Expert Advisors.
Algorithmic Day trading courses with Expert Advisors are something rare! Learn how to trade the Top 10 USDJPY Robots from Petko Aleksandrov.
Algorithmic Day trading is your goal? Are you looking for ready Expert Advisors to trade with?
This could be the right class from many algorithmic day trading courses for you.
My name is Petko Aleksandrov and I am the Head Mentor at EA Forex Academy. What we do here, is to educate traders in algorithmic trading and Expert Advisors. We educated over 10 000 students just during the last year with our online day trading courses where we include Expert Advisors as a bonus!
In this algorithmic course, I am going to share with you the Top 10 Expert Advisors for day trading on USDJPY.
How these Expert Advisors are different from the others in my day trading courses?
The strategies that stand behind these Experts are coded to follow the Longer time frames using the MACD indicator. The major time frames that the Expert Advisors are trading on are M5 and M15, but they follow the Longer time frames on M30 and H1. This way I get filtered entries, and only the strong ones remain. In many day trading courses, I teach single time frame Expert Advisors. But this one is different.
I have added to the course Experts that add to the position on the next same direction entry signal. From the Expert Advisor's inputs, you will be able to choose how many times to add to the position. On the opposite direction signal, the Experts Advisors reverses the position. Also, you will be able to choose the maximum lot size to be opened.
Why I have selected the USDJPY currency pair among all?
The YEN is known as the "Safe Haven" currency. When there is some uncertainty on the Forex market - the smart investors buy the YEN which causes the USDJPY to fall or rise. It is the currency that keeps high volatility overall stock exchanges. And this is exactly what we are looking for in algorithmic day trading courses - to bring the best Expert Advisors to our students.


What will you learn in this day trading course?
how to achieve better results by trading many EAs simultaneously in one account you will learn how I created the 10 USDJPY Expert Advisors how to optimize the Expert Advisors for your CFD broker how to make robustness tests for the Experts to avoid over-optimization follow exact results of the Expert Advisors by connecting the account with a statistical website learn to generate your own strategies and automate them as EAs without programming skills.
You will get the 10 Expert Advisors ready for trading and no trading experience is needed. Also, you will not need any programming skills. You will receive ready mql4 files for the Expert Advisors. In all of my day trading courses, I include the code of the Experts.
Why I prefer to do algorithmic day trading with Expert Advisors?
it eliminates the emotions when trading, which is the reason why 95% of the traders lose their capital spend less time trading. Up to one hour per week in front of the trading screen is all you will need no need to follow Red Hot news, fundamental analysis and events daily algorithmic day trading is so much easier than manual trading, that even beginner traders can do it with the Expert Advisors we achieve bigger diversification of the risk with algo trading we get more stable profits(realistic results are shown in the course)
When we use many strategies in one account, we diversify the risk and don't depend on a single strategy. Every trader knows that each Expert Advisor fails at a current moment. And the reason is simply - the market changes.
If we trade with one strategy, and it starts to lose, we lose...This is why I prefer to trade with 10 Expert Advisors in one account because when one loses, the others will compensate it.
How did I generate the algorithmic Expert Advisors for my day trading courses?
I have described in one section of the course the complete process I had followed. I created 100s of strategies for USDJPY and selected the Top 10 Expert Advisors for algorithmic day trading. To do that, I used the robustness tests in Forex Strategy Builder Pro. If you want to give it a try building EAs for other currency pairs, you can register for 15 days free trial.
However, in the course, I have included the ready Expert Advisors, so the бест thing you can do is to test them on Demo account. In this way, you will not risk any real capital.
Who is the instructor?
My name is Petko Aleksandrov and I am Head trader at EA Forex Academy. I have dedicated my time in sharing trading strategies and Expert Advisors in online courses. I have designed this trading course for beginners and advanced traders who are looking for Robots(Expert Advisors) to use in their day trading.
You can always use the 30-day money-back guarantee if you decide that this is not your trading style.
Once enrolled in any of my algorithmic day trading courses, you will have lifetime access to all updates. I always update the Expert Advisors from the course, and you will get the updated Expert Advisors every 2-3 months.
If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask me in our trading Forum! I always answer within 12 hours.