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Trading Made Simple.

Started by admin, Jul 28, 2020, 02:13 pm

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Trading Made Simple.
Is that possible? Yes.
Years ago when I retired I was looking for something to do. I attended a free local presentation about trading FX. My mind said "We can do that and make money too. from the recliner". so the torture began as happens to all newbies.
I bought one sure fire program for $2,300. saving $1,700 off the normal $4,000 price. Man. I'm on my way I thought. It was so difficult to understand and trade that I never made a dime. in fact I lost most of the time. When I called the companyit was all Greek to me. I thought a lot of good that 19 years of education is doing.
I said this is BS and went on to other systems. I switched to Demo trading for several years while studying old charts. What made them tick? Every method had quite a few rules, indicators. on & on.
I finally got fed up with them all. remembering the thoughts years before of "I can do this". Then why was I getting my butt kicked on a regular basis. so frustrating.
I wanted a method that was simple, worked on all timeframes, simple rules, few indicators. that when looking at my simple chart it just shouted out what I needed to do and developed a method that is 70-80%+ wins for me on a regular basis. It took over 2 years to develop this method. I worked hard. late nights and weekends to. I was so hungry for success.
I hate trading 5min-15min-30min charts. Why? You have to monitor each trade from beginning to end and hope and pray you made a correct entry. I only trade 1hr charts during the the 1st 3 hours of the USA OPEN and 4hr trades at night. I check for set ups at 10pm Pacific,2am and close all 4 hour trades by 6am Pacific. You ever woke in the morning popping on your puter and find you made 150 pips while you slept. guaranteed to put a smile on your face and a skip in your step.
I post a lot of training charts to drive it into your brains what to look for and how easy it can be. Just open your eyes, brain and pay attention and you'll be making pips soon.
You'll learn down the road that most of the stuff you have learned in the past is crap. I did. The list of rules in most methods will keep most dizzy. never building confidence. without confidence in your entries and exits you have nothing worth while.
We have a group of great traders who have been trading this method for 6-8 months already who will help you jumping in to answer your questions too.
I am very protectful of all our members. We don't have a stressful thread. no name calling allowed. I'll delete anyone who starts any problems. If you have a problem PM me and don't post it. If your not happy. please move on quietly. I'd do the same for you. You want Stress Free learning. come join us.
Really can't understand something. PM me your phone number and best time to call and I'll clear it up for you looking at an FXDD Demo chart so we are looking at the same chart.
You will need a MT4 platform to use our progam.
The key to this method is the Traders Dynamic Index indicator for entries and exits . I also use a Stochastics (8,3,3) indicator. It is ONLY used to confirm direction. Nothing else.
We only use Heiken Ashi candles. that's important .
We want you to be an active member asking questions, posting charts and making observations when possible.
Start trading a Demo account until you build your confidence and only then consider switching to a live account.
Disregard template posted below and see updates. Read the complete thread BEFORE ASKING QUESTIONS. YOU WON'T BE SORRY.
See post #25 on page 2 for indicators.
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